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2019, I’m ready for you now

This fall I mentioned that I’ve grown obsessed with calendars and, from before, notebooks, bullet journals, anything that’s paper and bound really. And if it has dates. Yea, it doesn’t get any better than that. So for this year I’ve stocked up properly.

From the left, then from the top and down: My personal planner, third year in a row. I won’t manage without it. My little notebook in which I write everything I hate, haha, positive person etc…. My Q&A a day. It’s a five year journal where you answer a question every day, so you answer the same question on the same day, five years in a row and see how you change. Should be interesting. Some lines a day, yet another five year journal, but blank, It’s a Leuchttrum. Here is where all the negativity will go, because I don’t want to “taint” my real journal haha. Yes, I do hear how insane I sound….. Then we have my bullet journal. In it there’s about 78 different spreads and trackers that I have to keep track of and actually try to fill daily. And lastly my five year journal. I got it from my mum maybe four years ago but I never dared to write in it. It has my name printed in gold on the front and it feels very sturdy. Can probably very easily club a smaller animal with it. If you’d wish to do that..

And ofcourse 60% of all the Christmas presents I gave away was somehow related to this kind of thing. Forcing my hobbies onto my friends. Shouting “You’re gonna be like meeeeeeeeeee” and grin when they open it and wonder what the fuck is up.

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