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    Damn workers!

    They’re remodeling, like new asphalt, something that makes a lot of noise and require them to stop the traffic right outside.
    A nice horn, possibly borrowed by a cruise ship, that they blow every 30 seconds to direct the traffic…
    That is, one car…
    Are they even allowed to do this this late? Rather 8 at night than 8 in the morning ofcourse. But still?

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    No regard for your fellow human being.

    I have just now noticed my neighbour’s most recent purchase. A windchime.
    Who, that lives in an apartment building, with majority of neighbours without impaired hearing, who are not nazis, buy a windchime? Just the right time for me to start practising my bagpipe. I’ve put that up for so many years now.

    It’s the neighbour on the first floor so the opportunity to grab a ladder and scissor during the night is there.

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    I’m outraged

    So the glass shelf in the fridge broke. Almost cut my wrist open when I jammed it into the fridge, super dangerous. So nouhuh, time to write a report to the landlord.
    Mostly because we don’t know if it’s our responsibility to switch it out or if they will and blabla, it’s all very confusing.

    Then you have to fill out this form they have on their website.
    Name: Easy enough.
    Address: Yea, they could need that.
    And it goes on like that for a little while, until you get to “description” said and done, glassfuck broke, don’t know how or when but it’s broken.
    Scroll a bit more. “Other information”, hmmm, about the fridge? Or about the apartment? There’s no specifics.
    So I can just mention this other little fault quickly then..
    And yes, it ended up being a 2000-word essay on all things wrong with this apartment, and some more. When I then proofread what I’ve written to see I haven’t missed anything I see that maaaaybe I should rephrase some parts. But no, fuck it, it’s the truth.

    ..also been mentioned to switch out the wallpaper seeing as they’re old and (according to me) looks like we have a bunch of vaginas on the wall in the kitchen.

    Now give me my goddamn wallpaper!

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    Uppe före tuppen!

    I haven’t, to be perfectly honest, slept yet.
    We (read: me) have the laundry room today and I couldn’t stop thinking about the piles of clothes that’s half-sorted on the bedroom floor.
    I was simply forces to get up and sort them, it was after all just eight hours left until it was time.
    Luckily for me, nobody called dibs on the morning-time so I took it aswell and started a bit earlier.

    I haven’t had a laundry appointment for over a month now.
    Didn’t have time to wash right before we left for Bulgaria, definitely not between that and Finland. Naturally there was no times before I left for Borås, and clever me didn’t think to get a time before we left. This was the first appointment that wasn’t 07-12.
    Now I have the entire day, but also eight big bags of laundry.
    On a Saturday. Woopiee!

    Hehe, dancing laundry machine .