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    Uddetorp Säteri

    Incredibly cosy place, Oscar was here last fall looking for decorative pumpkins for me, at some small market and then had some coffee where we are now. Probably to check out this place. And the staff is supersweet, not gonna go into details cus it could be received as both superobnoxious and supersweet, I chose the later option. ♥

    Should mention we are not in the little cabin in the last picture, we’re closer to 90 people here… It’s just there, down the hill, where we disgusting smokers are shoved to.

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    Crazy crayfish lady

    Ofcourse the cats had their own little crayfish party, isn’t more than fair. But they didn’t want to wear their party hats for some reason? If you’re doing it, do it right!

    Bo looked a bit annoyed after my little photoshoot. I noticed it wasn’t because he didn’t get to wear a hat too, so I cannot possibly know why he would be upset.

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    Kräftskiva ? CRAYFISH PARTY

    And so, my favourite day in August have arrived
    The yearly crayfish party. Not a huge event, could just be me and the cat. Doesn’t matter, I just need my crayfish! I bought a “party-kit” with crayfish stuff in February sometime, that’s just been lying around, waiting to be used. Hats, napkins, snaps glasses, the works. So now I’ve been waiting for the stuff to thaw. (It said it’d take 48 HOURS, haha please, we’re gonna eat it nooow.) And there’s pie, baugettes, cheese tray, uh someone mentioned mayonnaise? Just give me my crayfiiiish and shriiiimps alreadyyy!

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    Nothing Day 

    Since I own about three hundred calendars and planners I can see that it’s Nothing Day, and for you not very aware of the important holidays we have in the world, the purpose of today is, nothing. Or to do nothing.

    Haha good luck working out my secret symbols.

    A day I personally celebrate multiple times per year but it does feel extra special when it’s in print like that. Blue on white. (Well yea, I did write it down myself but it’s a thing, just Google it! What’s with the third degree?)

    Unfortunately, the earlier part of the day have consisted of me sending loads of superimportant emails back and forth to school and school administration and someone else, I don’t even remember anymore. Incredibly tricky situation nonetheless.

    I’m still sick so it’s extra hard doing nothing when you’re actively dying.
    But any minute now I play on stopping everything. Completely. Nothing will be done. I should probably remove those clementines that are a bit whitegreen at the bottom, I don’t know since when.
    BUT THEN, dammit.


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    Happy New Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

    So it’s time for yet another year. I hope and assume that this one will be better than 2018, it was frankly said an awful year. New Year’s celebrations have never been something I enjoy so this year I’m celebrating at work!

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    So now I’m 27 years old. It’s been incredibly hard keeping track of my age nowadays. You don’t really need it in the same way. Before it was the first thing that came out of your mouth after your name, followed by your favourite dinosaur. When people ask how old I am now, it feels like they’re really asking “Have I’ve come farther in life than you have?”. Haha, probably. It’s always followed by “are you married?, how many children do you have?”.

    When the busticket-control-lady asked about my age, because I was one a youth/studentcard, I lied, automatically probably, I said I was 24. That wouldn’t even have helped me, it would have been classified as me going on the wrong card anyways… Extra embarrassing when she didn’t gave up and wanted my social security number, that just happened to be two years off? Very odd…! (I was fined £120, and I’ll tell you right now, I was a student, I was allowed to ride on that card! I just hadn’t….filled and sent the paperworks yet….)

    But I’ve atleast known that I’m over 25, not yet 28. Then when I heard “27” sometime earlier this year I just assumed that I was and therefore turn 28, then I probably stuck with that. So now as a gift for being shitty with numbers, I just earned an extra year, yay!