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    Haha when the link automatically corrects itself to “sick-4”. You feel somewhat annoying. (It means that there are already atleast three posts named “sick” since before, for you less techsavvvyyyy people.)

    I’m currently, somewhat less dying than I was this morning. Still unbearable, just a bit more bearable unbearable, dying??

    Woke up with my entire left side just been clogged up. My nose, my ear. My whole body hurt. Coughing and sneezing and no, it’s terrible being sick. Unsure if I have a fever cus I haven’t been able to use my thermometer, it’s ben.. compromised.

    I have so much shit I need to do today, it’s insane. Schoolstuff, calls to make, cleaning, removing the circus tent I had to put up all over the apartment cus the sheets weren’t all dried yet.

    There was no interesting or anything of value in this post at all. I just wanted to whine a bit.

    Haha side note. I have a “health meeting” at my doctor tomorrow. Ironic to call in sick to that…

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    Note to self:

    Just because a person who is walking in the direction towards the subway, starts running, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this person had seen the train coming and then started running.
    It could simply just be that he’s starting his jogging route here.

    So you’ll look pretty damn stupid when you start running past this person in complete panic, only to realise that you need to wait for six minutes.

    A tip is to check the clothes. If they’re wearing trainers, they might not be on their way to the subway.