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    To watch the sun rise from behind the trees and hear the… monkeys scream …That’s something.

    The list of perk of working (and living) right next to the zoo is not long. You can see a bear on your evening walk and listen to hyenas (I’m guessing, because no normal animals would make that sound), to accompany your evening cigarette on the balcony.

  • .Done,  My academic success,  🇬🇧


    I’m sitting here studying in, making flashcards and preparing for my Psychology 2a exam that is tomorrow. I’ve set up a meeting with a girl who’s buying my book tomorrow afternoon aswell. So I really can’t fail this exam, because I have no opportunity to read the book again. But since this course seems to be based purely on Psychology 1, there shouldn’t be any issues. I’ve had so much issues with the school already, work experience dates being wrong, I don’t get all the assignments, wrong apply date, the school declared bankruptcy! So I’m done with all that shit now.

    I do however need an extra few point to “officially” be done, but Borås don’t have the subjects I want to study. They say that they do, but I’ve checked regularly for over a year now. So they don’t really know what’s going on. I want to read psychiatry but they only have palliative care to choose and that’s not really interesting to me. So I need to try and get that fixed towards the fall or maybe next year. We’ll see what happens.

    I feel that I need a break fro this right now. Maybe a little walk..?

  • .Done,  My academic success,  🇬🇧


    So I have a new job in Borås!

    Everything went very fast. They called me Monday, Wednesday I had the interview and the Monday after I sat there in the education-facility with the contract signed. Will probably be a bit too much to commute from Blidsberg so I’m moving into a little one room apartment in Borås. Gonna try to not go mad for not having all the space for myself, haha.
    But mum will probably be pleased to get her room back, that I occupied very unannounced two years ago.