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    I demand answers!

    What kind of psycho makes hoodies without pockets?! I’ve tried to put my phone in there multiple times tonight and “missed” so it flies to the floor, egg, and same with my lighters, they’re now everywhere. Did they add some kind of insurance with the purchase or is it general insurance in this case?

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    Oh, spring.

    You know it’s spring time when you wake up to you neighbour’s audiobook..
    Wait, what…?

    Well in the spring, you want to sleep with your window open and we have a neighbour who listens to audiobook when (s)he drives. This person seems to take forever to park the car and also have a hearing impairment and needs the volume on 200%.

    Kind of like when Afroo talks on the phone in the car on the speaker. When you come out of the store you instantly hear where she parked. Kinda that volume the damn audio book is on.. They stay long enough to bother us, but not long enough to hear what the book is about.
    Cus aawhhHH hell nooOO if they spoil some book for me.

    Another spring sign is the Easter decorations on the balcony, I have definitely more coming up but that requires me to jump around in the storage unit like some obstacle course. BJust without a pep squad…
    I’m not allowed to have that in the apartment, the cats hate the Easter and everything about it. Push it down the second you look away.
    Last year little Bo lived in the pot with Easter grass and small chickens. There was dirt everywhere.. And poor Lillan is in heat right now so definitely not the right time for 300 hanging eggs….
    But they’re getting a little candy egg ofcourse

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    Swedish healthcare

    A few day days ago I wrote a message to my doctors. Everything’s supposed to be so much easier with the website (which it usually is). I wanted to make an appointment and they have that option. “Describe your probelm”, okidoki, here’s a long description of my issue, how it’s been solved earlier, what needs to be done and that they have permission to read my old journals. All information they would need to help me.

    I get a reply saying they don’t know what they can do for me and that I have to call to make an appointment. Uuuhuuhh… I guess I’ll do that. Set my alarm to get up early and call, tells them the whole story again, especially the part with why I’m looking for help and what I need.

    I get an appointment, go there, wait for 40 minutes past the scheduled appointment, but that’s not out of the ordinary, so I’m gonna let that one slide. So I get in and talk to a nurse, who, not even 30 seconds from I’ve entered the room says “Yea but you should have mentioned this when you called, you need to see a doctor. And there’s noone here now. We’ll schedule a new appointment at 14:00.” I tell her that 14 is not great for me, it’s a bit early. So instead I get a time at 15.

    Back in the reception at 14:50 the receptionist mentions that I’ve been here today and points to where I can sit. I wait.. 15:10… 15:30.. 15:58… AEH nae, what’s going on? I got and check if there’s any issues as I’ve waited an hour now. The receptionist says I had an appointment at 14.. Which we didn’t agree to at all. Also a detail she didn’t not pick up on when I checked in, cus then I’d be an hour late???

    The doctor can see me anyway after his current patient. I wait. 16:30, people are going home now… But he calls me in. Notes within a minute that nuhuh, we don’t have time for this. You’re gonna have to come back tomorrow. Book another time at reception.

    Go back to the reception, now there are two new women there who haven’t seen me at all.
    Long story short.. I’m either way not allowed to make an appointment today, I need to get up early tomorrow and start this whole circle again in a simple telephone queue..

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    Haha when the link automatically corrects itself to “sick-4”. You feel somewhat annoying. (It means that there are already atleast three posts named “sick” since before, for you less techsavvvyyyy people.)

    I’m currently, somewhat less dying than I was this morning. Still unbearable, just a bit more bearable unbearable, dying??

    Woke up with my entire left side just been clogged up. My nose, my ear. My whole body hurt. Coughing and sneezing and no, it’s terrible being sick. Unsure if I have a fever cus I haven’t been able to use my thermometer, it’s ben.. compromised.

    I have so much shit I need to do today, it’s insane. Schoolstuff, calls to make, cleaning, removing the circus tent I had to put up all over the apartment cus the sheets weren’t all dried yet.

    There was no interesting or anything of value in this post at all. I just wanted to whine a bit.

    Haha side note. I have a “health meeting” at my doctor tomorrow. Ironic to call in sick to that…

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    I’m outraged

    So the glass shelf in the fridge broke. Almost cut my wrist open when I jammed it into the fridge, super dangerous. So nouhuh, time to write a report to the landlord.
    Mostly because we don’t know if it’s our responsibility to switch it out or if they will and blabla, it’s all very confusing.

    Then you have to fill out this form they have on their website.
    Name: Easy enough.
    Address: Yea, they could need that.
    And it goes on like that for a little while, until you get to “description” said and done, glassfuck broke, don’t know how or when but it’s broken.
    Scroll a bit more. “Other information”, hmmm, about the fridge? Or about the apartment? There’s no specifics.
    So I can just mention this other little fault quickly then..
    And yes, it ended up being a 2000-word essay on all things wrong with this apartment, and some more. When I then proofread what I’ve written to see I haven’t missed anything I see that maaaaybe I should rephrase some parts. But no, fuck it, it’s the truth.

    ..also been mentioned to switch out the wallpaper seeing as they’re old and (according to me) looks like we have a bunch of vaginas on the wall in the kitchen.

    Now give me my goddamn wallpaper!