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Previously I’ve kept my “gaming”-life outside the blog, but now when I’ve started to edit some CS-moments I figured I’d upload them here too. So there’s a new category on the side here called “Twinflower”, which is the nickname I use in most games. So that’s why I’m sometimes called Twin, because absolutely noone outside Sweden can pronounce Nea. It’s a incredible how bad they are, haha. “Neyaa”, “Kneeuhhh”, “Niiiaa”.

Here we are on Teamspeak together with the competition. We can all hear eachother. For you who are not very HiGhTeC. And it’s not the best if you’re trying to discuss tactics or announce the others positions. But it was incredibly fun, I’ve never experienced anything like it.
It looks a bit different this time as it was easier to use subtitles for the teams. But I’m sure you can figure out who is who.

And turn down the volume, goddammit!

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