I’m gonna be really dorky and ask myself questions to avoid having to do a whole presentation about myself. Mehehehe.

Vad heter du?
Linnéa, but people call me Nea!
Most English speakers have trouble pronouncing my name, so they call me Twin or Twinflower. Feel free to call me “The Queen”. I’d be down with that.

Where do you live?
In Borås, Sweden. With a quirk named Oscar and two small cats.

What’s the name of your bestest friend?
Afroo, Ottan, Josefine & Vicky ♥

What do you look like?
A bit like that ↑
Or I did in 2012… I’ve gained a little weight, hah.

Well that’s probably the only things worth knowing about me I guess.
If there are any questions I refer you to the comment section or Google.

I’ve always appreciated the lost art of sending and receiving handwritten letters. Mostly receiving. Applies to most things though..
Messages in bottles are way too unreliable nowadays and as you may know, you can’t really just walk home to someone anymore and just ring their doorbell.

So it’s probably easiest just to do this: