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Freaking dying. 

Sick log, day three. I see no light at the end of this journey.
Somewhat dramatic……

I’m in my bed. I had to cancel everything today to avoid starting an epidemic.
And of course all the important calls, that I would call today, they happen to call meeeeeeeee. I’ve probably had a lot done to be on bed rest I guess. The landlordjanitorperson was here to fix the radiators, I’m running around in my robe disoriented and not sure where are radiators are. A lot has happened since my little message to them. We’re getting a new refrigerator for one! Only because it was easier than finding a glass shelf apparently. But why didn’t you just saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay so? The shower is dripping a bit, the floor, the oven, this whatever that is will brea…. is broken…

And I have dual duvets so I feel like, what I imagine someone in a fake sumo wrestler suit feels like, when I try to get up. It’s a damn workout here, #beach2019

Should probably take this time to study, I’ve got an exam next week…

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