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Frozen ❄️

Woke up by a cat licking me in the face, and kept going for two hours, not exaggerating. She wouldn’t leave me alone so I figured I might as well get up. Then I look outside and see this, on a day like today. It just couldn’t get better.
We’ve had snow/frost/a mixture ever since end of October but nothing this pretty.

And the fairylights have been up since last year, they were too well wrapped around that thing for me to take it down without breaking it or leaving it a mess for this year. And the whole thing with turning it on during a hot summernight, sitting on the balcony with endless chats and a glass of wine.. Yea that happened, I think…. 0 times? But everyone says it’s the thought that counts and I’m definitely good in that department.

I have big plans for today!

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