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I’m outraged

So the glass shelf in the fridge broke. Almost cut my wrist open when I jammed it into the fridge, super dangerous. So nouhuh, time to write a report to the landlord.
Mostly because we don’t know if it’s our responsibility to switch it out or if they will and blabla, it’s all very confusing.

Then you have to fill out this form they have on their website.
Name: Easy enough.
Address: Yea, they could need that.
And it goes on like that for a little while, until you get to “description” said and done, glassfuck broke, don’t know how or when but it’s broken.
Scroll a bit more. “Other information”, hmmm, about the fridge? Or about the apartment? There’s no specifics.
So I can just mention this other little fault quickly then..
And yes, it ended up being a 2000-word essay on all things wrong with this apartment, and some more. When I then proofread what I’ve written to see I haven’t missed anything I see that maaaaybe I should rephrase some parts. But no, fuck it, it’s the truth.

..also been mentioned to switch out the wallpaper seeing as they’re old and (according to me) looks like we have a bunch of vaginas on the wall in the kitchen.

Now give me my goddamn wallpaper!

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