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Nothing Day 

Since I own about three hundred calendars and planners I can see that it’s Nothing Day, and for you not very aware of the important holidays we have in the world, the purpose of today is, nothing. Or to do nothing.

Haha good luck working out my secret symbols.

A day I personally celebrate multiple times per year but it does feel extra special when it’s in print like that. Blue on white. (Well yea, I did write it down myself but it’s a thing, just Google it! What’s with the third degree?)

Unfortunately, the earlier part of the day have consisted of me sending loads of superimportant emails back and forth to school and school administration and someone else, I don’t even remember anymore. Incredibly tricky situation nonetheless.

I’m still sick so it’s extra hard doing nothing when you’re actively dying.
But any minute now I play on stopping everything. Completely. Nothing will be done. I should probably remove those clementines that are a bit whitegreen at the bottom, I don’t know since when.
BUT THEN, dammit.


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