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    Han led av smärtan.

    So I’m currently on my way to the doctors. I’ve had troubles with my wrists for years, the left one especially. Anything can have it unusable for two days if it’s done properly. You can’t be in a hurry when you’re doing certain things, like opening a door, especially a locked door! Two dangerous movements just there. If you’re thirsty and about to open a drink, bottle or can, be careful. Then what if I drank that stupid drink and about to go through the bathroom door and lock it? Deathtrap. So I figured I’d ask for the XXL-diapers while I’m here, or the boat-pad we have at work (not weeee, but it’s there…. ahemm)

    Anyways, where was I? The damn wrist, that’s right. Naturally I waited 2-3 years before getting help the first time up in Stockholm. They poked it a bit, “doooes thiiiis huuuuurt?” YA lady, you’re breaking my arm. So they gave me a cream to put on, and I did. Then I moved and went to the doctors with other issues, where they didn’t know about my wrists. But when I asked for a cream, that I had to call the old doctors for, to get the name of it, and the lady on the phone then gives me the wrong name and the cream for the wrists instead, and me then not doing any background checks at all, and says this wrong name to my new doctor, who doesn’t do any check he either, but prescribes it to me! (I feel now afterwards that if I hadn’t recognised the tube and used it as intended, it’s sting like hell…)
    BUT, then now, third time’s the charm. The cream went out of date over a year ago and I’m digging the rest out cus I don’t have the energy for that whole routine again, investigate what it can be, poke and break…
    But apparently my new doctors want that, today, at one o’clock. So I need to hurry now