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    Yet another night

    Yet another sleepless night.. Been a few of those recently. In general everything is shit. Nothing is happening. Time is ticking verryyyyyyyy slooowwwlyyy, but it’s ticking. Right now, and about 2 months back I’ve only been going around looking forward to putting up my Christmas decorations. I planned it all out, before taking them down last year, how this year would look.. And I think I’ll be happy with it.

    Oh, almost 4. Luckily I don’t need to be up early.

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    Isn’t it just typical that you would wake up at 02:30 and can’t go back to sleep, the first time in ages when you actually have to get up early?

    I’m off to my mum’s to help her pack before her move from one tiny town to another. And since it takes some planning and time to get out there, I need to get up early and be alert. Because if I fall asleep on that bus, who knows where I’d end up? (It’s Falköping.. But I don’t have good experiences from that place, so I’d rather not.)

    Ahwell, let’s try this again. ?

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    Since May I’ve, as I’ve mentioned, had a weighed blanket. It has been very warm and very heavy now during the summer. But now, after an incident involving chocolate, I had to return to my old duvet for a while. Which I don’t even feel, it’s like sleeping with feathers stitched together.
    Kinda nice actually, I’ve missed being able to kick my legs around.

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    An evening thought

    Just a evening thought.. When you’re in bed and remember to put lotion on your hands but got too much lotion so you put the rest on your feet? And then put said feet under the duvet. And all that regret you ever felt in your life just comes back at once? I can’t leave here. It’s bowling alley slippery and I have no balance as it is. I don’t want to rub it off on my sheets either, ew. I just have to lie here completely still until it dries in. I mean I can type somerwhaat well on my phone so it’s not thaat slippery. Samsung knows what they’re doing alright..