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    Little Patchy

    I’m on my way home with the new little cat. She doesn’t like to ride the bus and are meowing quietly and carefully. Low enough for people to wonder if they actually heard a cat or not, look around and then shake it off as insanity. If they’d see my bag they’d just think it’s a gym-bag (Maybe not gym…. I don’t look like I work out. But some kind of bag). It doesn’t look like a regular cat carrier.

    On the bus here you were absolutely not allowed pets, it’s a bus that passes a lot of hospitals so a lot of allergic people and so on.. The bus driver stopped me in the stairs, yelled and asked what’s in my bag. “- Pain killers” I answer and swing the bag upside down in the air. He ask me to open it and show him before I aboard. If he seriously thought I would throw around an animal like that it is a bit worrying having him in charge of my life in the traffic.
    Might mention that I’m taking another type of bus home. This little thing is not being thrown around.