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    Blodprov ?

    Then again I’m in the waiting room at the hospital. Time for a bloodtest. I’m way too early and will have to wait for about 30 minutes, to then be brutally punctured and stolen of my blood. And thrown out in the cold again. Why do I keep torturing myself this way?
    Since I leave tests quite often I’m fairly well practiced regarding making an appointment the right time, (do not take the drop-in goddammit, you’ll be there all day). But also to time in the right bus, right walking speed and such. I’ve mastered it. But today, snow, I didn’t want to take a chance so I took an earlier bus. That just happened to be earlier than earlier planned. So I was very early.

    Edit: Haha, when the blood lady came out, sets her eyes on me in the filled waiting room, “Linnéa? Haha, I thought I recognised you.”

    V e t e r a n .