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Uppe före tuppen!

I haven’t, to be perfectly honest, slept yet.
We (read: me) have the laundry room today and I couldn’t stop thinking about the piles of clothes that’s half-sorted on the bedroom floor.
I was simply forces to get up and sort them, it was after all just eight hours left until it was time.
Luckily for me, nobody called dibs on the morning-time so I took it aswell and started a bit earlier.

I haven’t had a laundry appointment for over a month now.
Didn’t have time to wash right before we left for Bulgaria, definitely not between that and Finland. Naturally there was no times before I left for Borås, and clever me didn’t think to get a time before we left. This was the first appointment that wasn’t 07-12.
Now I have the entire day, but also eight big bags of laundry.
On a Saturday. Woopiee!

Hehe, dancing laundry machine .

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