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A little snowy walk through the woods, on the other side there’s Netto, where we’re kind of just going to buy tablets for the dishwasher and then go home again.

I used the last one yesterday and you can imagine the panic that occurs when that happens. I found a box with a hundred all the way back in the cupboard. But yea, there’s a reason they’re hidden there. So I have some for when the world’s about to end. It’s the bad kind, like powdery rocks with impossible plastic wrapping. So no, I obviously don’t want to use those.

Haha the whole dishwashing machine is relatively new to me. I’ve uuuuused them at work and all before, but they also have those disgusting rocks. So when I was complaining to Afroo, about three months into the dishwashing machine owning, about how hard it was to remove the plastic on the good tablets. And she just says that I can “just throw them in”.
Just. Throw. Them. In.

My whole world changed.
And I felt damn stupid.
And now I’ll never return to the remove-the-plastic-disgusting-powder-rocks until our demise. If even then.

I kinda went on here, about my dishwasher…
It’s today’s plan anyways. Netto. Then home.

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